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About 60 miles North and West of Rochester is Elko, MN, home to Campulance, a retired ambulance turned into a camper. And it can be all yours!

Campulance (Elko New Market) - link in story

2004 Campulance

I converted a retired ambulance into a small camper

98k miles
Runs excellent
New tires
Rear heat and air
TV with DVD and approximately 40 movies
Window AC

Plus (and I can't believe these two things aren't in the description): 

a) Awesome Campulance Sign:

Campulance (Elko New Market) - ink in story

ii) The second story SuitUlance Deck!

Campulance (Elko New Market) - ink in story

You may think I'm joking, I'm not. This is cool. The Craigslister is willing to trade or sell, specifically, trade for a motorcycle trailer camper (or $20,000 cash-money). 

To quote the current Campulance Manager (no one owns Campulance, Campulance owns you) this is, "Worth the look." Some pictures from the posting (but before you decide to buy, ask yourself...am I good enough for Campulance?).

Campulance, the Retired Ambulance for Camping, Could Be Yours

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