The Day a Minnesota Mom Fell Through the Minivan Wormhole

Before I had kids, I had my dream car all picked out.  The dream was a sports car that drove fast, sunroof, leather seats, and red...oh, and the music had to be played really, really loud.  Then, the kiddos happened and putting kids in their car seats with a 2-door just wasn't all that awesome and I started dreaming about...(gasp) minivans.  I was not a minivan mom so when I started Googling "minivans for sale", I thought for sure that I fell through some sort of wormhole.

I will say that as a mom who has had three little ones and also ran a daycare, having a minivan was a lifesaver, especially minivans with power doors.  If I was going to have to be a minivan mom, my vehicle had some requirements though - sunroof, leather seats, and the music (even if it was Disney soundtracks) had to sound good.


Hilarious Viral Video About The Cars That Minnesota Moms Drive!

I found this hilarious video about the SUV and minivan debate that seems to happen once kiddos enter into the picture.  Watch it.  Show it to all of your mom friends.  And as you are driving down Hwy 52 going to the next activity for your kids, give another mom in an SUV or minivan a mom wave! 

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What is the Minnesota Mom Wave?

What's the mom wave?  Oh...I thought everyone knew.  That is where you pat the top of your mom bun to other moms as a signal that "Yep...I've got Cheerios and sippy cups all over my car too...and it is ok.".

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