To the driver who almost hit my daughter after she got off the school bus, please slow down and STOP when you see a stopped school bus, our kids’ lives are depending on you!

There is nothing worse than being a parent and seeing your child walk off a bus, start to cross the street towards you and see it.  A car is speeding up the road, in the direction of your child and the bus, and you can tell it isn't going to stop.  The stop sign is out on the bus, the lights are flashing, and still...the car isn't stopping.

That mom was me. 

I used to live in a nice, quiet cul-de-sac in North Park just off of Fairway Drive. Unfortunately, that situation happened more than once for my family on that road.  One of those times, I was lucky enough to be at the corner and have a loud enough voice to scream "STOP!" at my daughter just in time.

The driver in the car that almost hit my daughter didn't even slow down.

This is the time of year that makes me nervous for the kids and bus drivers.  The Minnesota Sheriff's Association seems to feel the same way.  They sent out a great reminder on their Facebook page that all drivers should take a second and read.

Well, Minnesota...its that time of year again.
It shouldn't be difficult to figure out how to drive when seeing those big yellow boxes with bright flashing lights and stop signs. Yet each year, countless individuals blatantly disregard the law and the safety of children who are entering/exiting school buses.
So, here we are, forced to share the image below once again.

Study it. Memorize it. Follow it. The lives of our youth could depend on it.

Please, plan a little extra time on the roads now that the school buses are out...and remember to stop, and be patient.

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