My kids have been asking the same question for a few weeks now, “Mom, what are we doing for MEA?”.  Sometimes that had a little whine with it.  Another time, I'm pretty sure I saw an eye roll as I said, “I’m not sure”. 

You know what they say, life with teenagers is fun. 😜

I love my kiddos, and they are great kids, but there are some days when I get confused on what to do to help us all have a happy day.  I like the happy feels in the house but just the other day, I woke up, said "hello" and that was the end to all of our happy moments for the day.  #momlife

To help calm the crankiness, I decided to just ask my teenagers what they want to do for MEA.  After they asked their friends for a few ideas, they sent me a text back with their list...because apparently we don’t use pens and paper anymore to communicate.  📱

What Teenagers Want To Do During MEA Weekend In Minnesota

  1.  Mall of America - just get them a wristband and stay close (mall rules) but not too close.  The rest of the words I got texted back were, "you can grab a ☕, there is a place like right there in the middle. But if you want to ride on one with us, I guess that's fine."
  2. Go Carts - there is a really great one up in the cities called ProKART Indoor Racing that the kids gave 💯 in their text message.  Apparently this is a good thing.  #noidea 
  3. Swimming - in teenage words, this actually means they want to go to a hotel that has a water park.  Great Wolf Lodge by the Mall of America is one of the closer ones and is teenage approved.  
  4. Sleep.  Need I say more.  
  5. Really Hard Corn Maze - There are quite a few easy and preschool-friendly mazes and activities around but as the kids said, "we are over getting stamps on a piece of paper.  We want to get lost and freak out in the corn for a few seconds.".  Ok.  One great place to make that "lost" scenario happen is out at Northwoods Apple Orchard.  Text your teens this link, they can put the place in Google Maps and drive on out there.  

Got any great ideas for families to do around here during MEA weekend?  I’d love to hear them! Send me a message on my Facebook page (Jessica On The Radio) or DM me on Instagram.  

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