Back on the 7th, Costco said they would stop serving food samples in an effort to keep the Coronavirus under control. If you're like many people, you figured they'd lay those employees off.


First, they're not technically Costco employees. According to Business Insider, Costco contracts with a company called CDS, and they manage the food sample folks. However, Costco asked they be reassigned to helping to keep the store clean (mostly working at night and sanitizing the warehouse.

Some people think this is awesome, some think it's mean to keep them working, since many are older Americans and are more susceptible to the Coronavirus. However, BI spoke to a former food sample employee...

This employee said she was grateful to have been able to maintain a job at Costco while her sample serving job is on hold. She added that her hours have been reduced, but she still gets her paycheck from CDS.

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