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Which bulk-buying store is the best in Rochester, Costco, or Sam's Club?  That was the debate this morning with our listeners and we now know what warehouse store people in Rochester are picking as their favorite.

Before the winner is announced, below are a few of the reasons why people are loving one store over the other.

Top reasons why people love Sams Club vs. Costco

Which store is better, Costco or Sam's Club? We did our own poll in Rochester and found out that quite a few people have very specific reasons for their bulk-buying choice.

So, which store do people love the most?  Costco took the lead in this poll and is the overall choice for people in Rochester.  As many stated on our Facebook page, Sam's Club "is cheaper" and yet, more people prefer Costco.

I've been going back and forth on deciding if I am ready to start buying in bulk again.  Honestly, I've had a membership at both places before but we've cut back on different things throughout the years and that yearly membership was one that was put on the canceled list.  We aren't in the diaper stage with the kiddos (thank goodness!) but I do have teenage boys that eat me out of house and home, so foods they eat and other essentials might be helpful to have a whole carload of.  Who knows, maybe I'll see you in the aisles at one of these stores again soon.

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