My inner child is so excited about this! Costco is now selling a 27-pound tub of... mac n cheese. YUM! I'm debating buying it just to say I've purchased a 27-pound tub of mac n cheese. This is insane!

Mashable writes that it "contains 180 servings of the delicious comfort food, and retails for $89.99." But before you say, "That's nasty. A 27-pound tub of pre-made mac n cheese?" I need to tell you that it's not pre-made. That would actually be nasty.

It's "180 individually packaged servings of elbow pasta and 180 individually packaged servings of cheddar cheese sauce." Mashable also says that "each pouch is also sealed with oxygen absorbers to protect the quality and ensure a shelf life of 20 years."

This would be a great purchase for a mac n cheese lover, if you're going camping because this would be easy meal prep, or if you have lots of hungry children coming over.

You can find this giant tub of mac n cheese on Costco's website HERE!

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