A deadly accident at the site of a construction project in New Orleans got me wondering if a similar incident couldn't happen here in Minnesota.

I love the city of New Orleans. One of my former morning show co-hosts from when I worked back in Wisconsin lives there, as does one of my former TV co-workers. I've been down to the Crescent City, as it's called, several times. So when I saw the story of a deadly accident at a New Orleans construction site, it got my attention.

This ABC-7 story from a New Orleans TV station describes how several floors collapsed at the site of what was going to be the Hard Rock Hotel, near the French Quarter a little over a week ago. It was a tragic accident that killed two workers, and as of yet, no one's sure why those floors just gave way.

But watching video of the collapse, the worksite there eerily reminded me of any of the sites of buildings under construction here in Rochester. I mean, we're used to seeing buildlings being built and construction sites with big cranes, right? Could something like that happen here too?

After the collapse, New Orleans officials had to set off explosive charges to demolish the remaining cranes on the building site, fearing that they were so damaged in the original collapse that they could come crashing down by themselves, causing even more damage. It's a stark reminder that even with all the advanced planning and engineering involved in construction these days, things can still go horribly wrong.

Could you imagine if something like this happened on the site of the Berkman project, right across from St. Marys Hospital along 2nd Street?!? I certainly hope it doesn't, but every time I drive one of Rochester's many construction sites, I can't help but think of THIS. Check out the amazing video below...

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