The Minnesota state bird (aka mosquito) has been very active this summer and this is one animal that I just find annoying.  I've had too many bites this year and that itch is just too much - for me and my kids! - but I found something that has helped relieve those bites!

Can we first talk about how annoying this animal is?  Their little whiny sound as they fly close to your ears is one of the worst because you know they are there - somewhere.  It immediately makes me tense and I just want to put layers of bug spray on and my yoga pants and sweatshirt, but it is 90-some-degrees and 100% humidity at 8:10 am.

I know.  This is Minnesota.

The mosquito likes to pick on one of my kids though and for some reason, the reaction that my kiddo has is just so much worse than everyone else.  We've tried the toothpaste, putting band-aids on over the spots, and even video games as a distraction - but that itch just keeps on going.  I found this solution though and it seems to be working better than anything else that I've tried.  Click here to view it (if you can't see it below) - it might work in your house too!

What tips do you have to help?  I'd love to hear what other solutions are out there!  Send me a message on my Facebook page, Instagram, or at

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