Way up in Northern Minnesota, in the town of Aurora, there is a headshop that well, has a unique sign that makes it standout amongst the other businesses in town. The sign makes you think did I read that right? And then as you re-read the sign, you see there are other letters, just smaller that spell out the business's name. My question is how did this person pull this off without a huge kerfuffle?

Welcome to Dick's Headshop in Aurora. According to Google reviews of the business show that it seems to be well run and or stocked with everything you might need for whatever it is you are doing with the products they sell.

Image Credit: Paul Shea/TSM
Image Credit: Paul Shea/TSM

I have to think there have been some complaints about the name brought up to the City of Aurora, but I can't really find any in a cursery look online. What do you think about the name? Creative or offensive? I don't really mind it, it's a little over the top raunchy, but I can tell you that I'll remember the name if I ever find myself near Aurora.

Are there any other businesses in Minnesota with some odd or quirky names or spelling that you can think of? Zorbaz comes to mind, as they like to use the letter 'z' where one normally finds the letter 's'. If you think of one, drop us a line and send us a message on our free app.

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