So I've 'subscribed' to a few Minneapolis Crime Watch pages on Facebook namely because I have some elderly family members that still live in NE Minneapolis and I like to know who's been creeping around the neighborhood when I visit dear ol' grandma. All I can say is, these pages are pretty sublime, mainly posts about firecrackers or kids on skateboards [old man shakes fist at cloud], but last night had me hooked when a post about a stolen car got my attention. 

For those of you that can't see the Facebook post here it is:

So, your vehicle just got stolen. Like, right now.
You call police, "Hey, my vehicle was just stolen."
You wait.
And wait.
And wait longer.
To only find out that your 911 call got dropped in priority because "the suspect is not still on scene."
Um, "he just fled in my vehicle. I can still see the tail lights."
Yeah. Get in line.
[The above is a parody, a representative reproduction of the likely reality of a 911 call that just actually happened].

MPD dispatched on report of auto theft, 5th St SE/14th Ave SE. A few minutes later the sgt on duty told the dispatcher to drop the priority on the call because the "suspect was no longer on scene." [This is real]. 20:30

Oh boy. Whoever wrote this one seems to have a personal story behind it. The comments get a little zesty too, but it overall became somewhat of a public forum on the process in which law enforcement prioritizes calls that are coming in to dispatch.

While we know Faribault, Northfield, Owatonna, and the surrounding communities aren't Mayberry by any means, I'd like to think if someone called about a stolen vehicle law enforcement would make the effort to get out there rather quickly. Unless of course there was a cougar on the prowl... in that case, I'd understand if they would wait until dawn.

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