Here's a pretty cool story to lift your Monday, and start your week walking on clouds.

I saw this video and it reminded me of a couple things. It took me back about five years, to when my wife and I were bringing our boy, Justin, home. We only got to spend a couple hours with him after school at the orphanage. We had more time with him on weekends. But every afternoon when we left, I would scoop him up in a big hug and tell him, "Never let you go! Never ever let you go!" He would run that all together as "Nevuhletchago! Nevuhevuhletchago!"

Our flight home was really, really long. Not just because it was nineteen hours and with a stopover in Amsterdam. It was long because he didn't know English, and I didn't know much Ukrainian. Once we got on our flight from Amsterdam to Minneapolis-St. Paul, Justin was trying to find something to watch. He kept trying to watch movies like The Hangover, and I was trying to get him to watch something more age-appropriate. He would pout and cover himself up with his blanket, then try again. This kept up, on and on, until he finally caved and settled on some cartoon movie.

The video above is of a pilot that found out his son was coming home from deployment to Kuwait earlier this month. The dad checked the flights and managed to get assigned as his son's pilot. Then, he sneaked up behind him when he boarded the plane and greeted him with, "Welcome home." The video is sixty seconds of the dad hugging his son before heading back to the cockpit for takeoff.

If you're having a hard time starting your Monday, I'd prescribe watching this a couple times.