This dad's been taking heat for a parenting decision I agree with 100%. What do you say? The dad's name is Bryan Thornhill. According to a story in the New York Post, his son was always gettin' in trouble on the bus. Finally, after some bullying, he was kicked off the bus for three days and dad said, "OK, you're running to school." Click HERE to see the Facebook Live video (some swearing in the video!).

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Every day he's driving behind his son as he runs the mile to school. Even in the rain, which makes some parents REALLY angry, but for cryin' out loud, he won't melt. A lot of kids love playing in the rain. At the very worst, he's learning to deal with adverse conditions.

There's a great quote in the New York Post story,...

Thornhill says they joke that the boy will either be fast or obedient, but “so far we’re working on fast.”

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