Clothing Store at The Apache Mall in Rochester, Minnesota Announces It Is Closing

It's the final few days for a store at the Apache Mall in Rochester, Minnesota.  Sadly, this is a store that we've only had a chance to enjoy for a few short years.  If you hurry though, you'll have a chance to say goodbye and grab a few deals, including some of the spring arrivals that are now at 70% off.


What Store Is Closing at the Apache Mall in Rochester, Minnesota?

Sadly, Daily Thread, which is located near the food court, has announced that it is closing for good.  Their claim to fame was that they had affordable fashions for women of all shapes and sizes.  This store has been part of The Apache Mall scene since September 2021.

Jessica Williams
Jessica Williams
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The Last Day To Grab Deals at Daily Thread in Rochester, Minnesota is April 6th

According to the Facebook post that the Daily Thread shared in mid-March, April 6th will be the final day for shopping at the Apache Mall location.

We are sad to announce the closing of Daily Thread Apache. We will remain open until April 6th and then we will close our doors. We are not giving up on Olmsted County, we will hopefully eventually find a new spot and let our very loyal and gracious customers know when and where if that happens the second we do but as for right now we have not found a location yet. We appreciate all the support and amazing people we have met along the way and we hope to see you again before we go. You have made this experience so great for us that there isn't many ways we can thank you. We love you and will miss you greatly but it isnt goodbye yet so get on in here and celebrate the time we had together with 70% off the entire store and a bulk of NEW ARRIVALS to help you get ready for Spring.
Daily Thread Rochester MN


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