This past Saturday a Dakota County Sheriff's Office Deputy noticed a vehicle driving the wrong direction on a Hastings-area road and flipped on his lights and siren to pull the man over. The man eventually pulled over after a few minutes of the deputy following with his lights and siren on. In the process of pulling over the man hit a mailbox and then swung into a driveway. It wasn't until the deputy had the man on the ground that he noticed the windshield of the car had been smashed. 

Here is the Facebook post from the Dakota County Sheriff's Offices page.

The suspect had apparently hit another mailbox along his wrong-way drive down Red Wing Boulevard in the Hastings area. The first mailbox he hit? That was located 3 miles from where the deputy had spotted the suspect driving in the wrong lane of traffic. He made it 3 miles with that hole in his windshield! I agree with this line in the Sheriff's Office social media post, "Thankfully it was only a mailbox he hit."

It is really incredible that the driver, who sustained minor injuries after hitting a mailbox before being spotted by the deputy driving the wrong way down the road, wasn't worse off when you see that windshield.

Needless to say, the driver was arrested for DWI.

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