This weekend it's going to be COLD. So cold you could put a colorful adjective in front of cold and I don't think too many people would mind. With the incoming Arctic air, an angel in Dakota County is seeking any kids who live in Dakota County that are middle school age and younger that are in need of proper winter clothes to make sure they have what they need for this cold spell. AND these winter clothes can be delivered to you! There is a catch, you have to LIVE IN DAKOTA COUNTY, and the clothing is for middle school children and younger who need it. Time is of the essence as this winter angel wants to get it distributed BEFORE this weekend, so that means today and tomorrow.

In a Facebook post that was shared by a friend of mine, I saw that Christine Floersch was posting on behalf of this winter angel.

The post goes on to say, that if you know "any families with children in this need to either private message me OR email me at ASAP!!!!"

What the dedicated team of motivated community-driven people needs from you if you make a request is:

- Parents Name(s) and what address to deliver to.
- Children(s) Names.
- I need to know priority items they need.
- I need sizes for each child you are requesting for.
- I'd like to know their favorite color to TRY to buy them something they'd like - BUT there are absolutely NO guarantees that I can find their "perfect" color...It's just a added bonus if I can."
If you want to help out with outfitting kids, like making a donation you are asked to message Christine via Facebook.
This mysterious 'winter angel' according to ot the post was "moved by the Thanksgiving Dinner effort I did in November and the impact it had on the positivity in our community, so, he's been inspired to do this and is hoping for others to get inspired as well - even if it's just outfitting ONE child."
The clock is ticking Dakota County! Let's make sure kids are warm this weekend as the Arctic air begins to descend in Minnesota.

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