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Thursday was a full day of snow and dangerous weather in the Midwest.  Over 400 accidents were reported in Minnesota alone, including an 18-wheeler that hit a snowplow.  Unfortunately, the snow has caused another danger for those in Minnesota, Iowa, and Wisconsin for those with high-efficiency furnaces; carbon monoxide poisoning.

According to State Farm, blocked furnace, dryer, stove, and fireplace vents are one of the leading causes of carbon monoxide poisoning and according to the CDC, is responsible for about 400 deaths each year in the United State.  To help keep your family safe, take a few minutes today to walk around your home to ensure that all vents are clear of snow and debris.

One other safety tip that homeowners should consider is installing a carbon monoxide detector in your home to alert you if carbon monoxide levels get too high.

Some signs of low to moderate carbon monoxide poisoning include headache, fatigue, shortness of breath, nausea, dizziness.  According to the Mayo Clinic, severe poisoning includes confusion, vomiting, loss of muscle coordination, and unconsciousness.

Before you go to bed tonight, throw on your winter gear, grab a shovel, and walk around your house to check your vents.

Do you remember that fun polar vortex we had?  Ok, "fun" probably isn't the ideal word but it was sure memorable!  Keep scrolling and you can relive some moments from past storms we've experienced in Minnesota.

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