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The picture up top is the kitten and tho I've never filled in a REAL dating profile, I've had friends do it for me, so this can't be that much different, right? I present to you, the dating profile of one sassy cat, Fleas Witherspoon

FleasWitherspoon78 – 1-year-old from Davenport, Iowa originally, but now living in Rochester, MN with my sister. Seeking open minded male or female kitty for zooms, licks, kneading, and food scams. Maybe more.

About Me

  • Relationship: Single, but I won’t lie. I don’t sit home at night hoping some cat’ll paw right on PlentyOfKittensAndFish.
  • Body type: Fancy Feast? More like a fancy beast!
  • Have kids? No. Don’t meow into my DMs and try to change my mind.
  • Litter box trained? Yes
  • Favorite hobbies: Furball Surprises, zooms that make the small human laugh, and hiding.
  • Favorite food: My favorite foods come from the tall plastic box humans empty their plates into. They smell so good!
  • Likes: Boxes, cuddling with a human that doesn’t like me / ignoring human that loves me, zooming, boxes, and napping.
  • Dislikes: Janice and her 'diet cat food.' Slow mice. Leonard and Penny’s relationship. C'mon, you're thinking it, too. All they do is fight.
  • More about me: I’m not looking for romance. Just someone to have fun with. If you are young, in good shape, and keep up with my zooms, we could have a good time. Also, my burps are epic.

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