When I saw this Fun Fact it took me back a few years, to when I sat with each one of my kids, teaching them "Five Important Words" and "One Important Sentence".

I'll never forget the time I spent with each one of my three kids, one on one, teaching them English. Cathy and I would walk down to Independence Square, catch the subway. Ride that out to one of the last stops, then catch the bus. Our stop was just a few blocks away from the orphanage.

We'd spend a few minutes writing out sentences. Basic stuff.

My name is..."

When Cathy came home, I'd spend the next few weeks working on more specific sentences. I'd have them write out the different versions of "Mom". I'd have them write out "Cathy". Then I'd have them read the words and the sentence out loud.


My mother's name is Cathy."

Then we'd record a video and share it for Cathy to see. This was before Skype and FaceTime took off.

What do Friends and The Simpsons have in common?

How do people in other countries learn English? By watching either Friends or The Simpsons!

There's nothing wrong with speaking correctly."


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