I am so not ready for my kids to grow up!

I am Popi-corn on the trampoline!
From the Bergchives

My boy, Justin, is 14 going on 21. He's starting to get interested in girls. I'm not ready for that talk yet! My dad and I never had that talk! How embarrassing is that?!

Justin has been wearing me down over the last few months with the same question, "I wanna learn how to drive - can you teach me how to drive?"

I finally broke down. We've been going over to the parking lot over at Watson field - when it's empty, there's no way I'm takin' him over there when there's soccer or baseball and the lot's full'a' cars! No! We go over early on a Saturday or Sunday morning, or late in the afternoon when the lot's empty.

I'm trying to start simple and easy. For both of us.