Daylight Savings Time ends next weekend. What are the Top Five time-travel movies?

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Daylight Savings Time ends next Saturday. We Fall Back. That means we get an hour back! Since I loves me some time travel stories: Doctor Who, Bill & Ted's Excellent Journey, Groundhog Day, Timecop, the CLASSIC The Time Machine and the equally classic Time After Time. I'd argue that Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home is a much better time travel story than Star Trek: First Contact. You might disagree, your mileage may vary.

According to viewers on Rotten Tomatoes, what the Top Five time travel movies?




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    The Time Traveller's Wife

    My wife loved the 2003 novel by Audrey Niffenegger. After she read it, she was excited that there was going to be a movie made out of it. She balled her eyes out over the book...and then the movie. She's not alone. While the movie only gets a 38% score from critics, viewers gave the movie a 59% score on Rotten Tomatoes!

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    The Lake House

    Keanu Reeves takes a while to grow on ya. He's great in Bill & Ted's Excellent Journey and The Matrix. I liked him in Speed. That was "Die Hard on a bus". He worked with Sandra Bullock again in 2006 when they made The Lake House. They live two years apart and share letters through a magical-mystical mailbox time portal. It's set in Chicago, and one of the highlights is a walking tour of the city for the architecture. The house itself is a kind of redonkulous all glass house on stilts over a lake. It was designed by Keanu's "father" played by Christopher Plummer. While only 35% of reviewers liked it, it still gets a 73% score from Rotten Tomatoes moviegoers!

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    Deja Vu

    This is probably one of my favorite Denzel Washington films, and one of my top favorite time travel movies! A terrorist (Jim Caviezel) blows up a riverboat with US Naval personnel and their families. Washington is one of the investigators. He encounters another team of investigators that are using somewhat unconventional science. It's sci-fi, it's a mystery, it's an action adventure, and it's a romance. 55% of Rotten Tomatoes critics liked it, but 73% of moviegoers gave it thumb's up!

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    Jim Caviezel plays a cop who's firefighter dad died when he was a kid. He's lost and confused until he fires up his dad's old ham radio during freak solar activity. Together, they're able to more than just reconnect - they solve a murder mystery together. Plus it's got that really cool Garth Brooks song, too. 70% of critics liked the move, and 81% of moviegoers agreed.

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    This is probably the best time travel story eh-varSuperman, Christopher Reeve uses self-hypnosis to travel back in time to the 19th Century where he meets and falls in love with a stage actress played by Jane Seymour. Seymour's controlling manager, played by Christopher Plummer tried to keep them apart. Before he got beat up in a diner in Superman II, he got beat up in this movie. The story takes place at The Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island. While only 59% of critics gave the film thumb's up, 88% of viewers liked the film

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