This has been a winter that we will all remember!  I have never seen this much snow on the ground or so many roads closed at one time.  Unfortunately, even with all of the warnings to slow down, this has been a winter with way too many accidents, including this one that was caught on a dash cam.

I've been using my mom voice with my kids (and at several cars zooming by me) to slow down on the roads.  Even with the Olmsted County Sherrif's office, local police and seeing the updates on 511mn about road conditions, people were still driving like they were invincible.

An example of one of those days was Tuesday.  I was driving in Rochester for a few different errands and to get my kids from school and the roads were so slippery.  To add to the issue, the intersections were hard to see around due to the huge piles of snow.  I was shocked at how many drivers were tailgating me, whipping around me and just driving as if we didn't have a drop of snow on the roads. I knew I would see accidents while I was driving...and unfortunately, I did.  Several actually.  One of those was the woman that was pregnant whose car was hit by the Apache Mall.

After I saw that, heard the sirens start to wail in the background, another car lost control and hit a snowbank on the same road.  Moments later, a semi and several vehicles were stuck on the bridge by the mall due to the roads being too slick.  It was a mess and yet, people were still driving too close and way too fast.

All of the schools were getting out in 5 minutes and many student drivers would also be on the road, including my kids.  I stopped my vehicle at that moment in a parking lot and did a live video on my Facebook page reminding everyone to slow down.  (Join me over on my page too: Jessica On The Radio...I give updates on what is going on in the community.)

In bad weather, we might think our reaction times are great but the roads are the ones in control at that point.  A deadly crash in Wisconsin that involved 131 cars was caught on a dashcam by one of the drivers.  It only lasts a few seconds but it shows why it is so important to listen to the warnings regarding road conditions.

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