This morning John Sievers came by to get his Y-105FM t-shirt. Today is day 25 of his Rochester Tribute T-shirt Project. But he walked in with a face that said something is wrong. He thought he'd been robbed!

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John Sievers, of the now famous Rochester D'Sievers, a jazz band featuring John on the trombone, came in looking upset...and he said, "I think my trombone and amp were stolen!"

He was here to talk about his t-shirt a day project, and pick up his new Y-105FM t-shirt, but I asked if he wanted to talk about the robbery instead and he said he'd rather wait 'til he could be certain it was stolen, and not just left the last place he played.

So we did the t-shirt project, we shot Facebook live video of it, and it was a blast. Mr D is a pro and brought his A game! (Here's the video.

But after he left the studio, he posted about it on Facebook.

He told me it could still be just sitting at some place he played previously. case it's not, and you frequent pawn shops, keep an eye our for it. You can see it in the pic.

Plus, like he says about the box of D'Sievers t-shirts being stolen, if you have a jazz-hating co-workers wearing a different D'Sievers t-shirt every day, drop a dime.


Ingram Publishing / ThinkStock
Ingram Publishing / ThinkStock

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