Dell celebrates the launch years and locations of super successful online and web applications, like Skype, Trip Advisor, Dropbox, Shutterfly, and more in its 'Beginnings' commercial. The visual, minute-long scrapbook is accompanied by an acoustic song, custom created for the spot. Who and what is it?

The song is called 'This Magic Moment' and is performed by the Felice Brothers, a folk/country/Americana band from upstate New York that honed its skills playing in New York City subways and at family BBQs since forming in 2006.

The fact that the song was penned for the commercial fits the entrepreneurial spirt of the ad itself. Some of the greatest inventions of the digital age were once ideas, or seeds of ideas, that were fostered, nurtured and grew. The same can be said for the creative spirit of song.

Dell isn't just paying lip service to its support of entrepreneurship with the commercial, and we applaud the corporation for that.