Did All-4-One play Rochester back in the 90's? Tracy McCray thinks they did, and says I was there. I have ZERO memory of it. Is Tracy right? 

I remember Bon Jovi played Rochester (see our story about that here). I remember Bryan Adams,Nelson, Firehouse, Damn Yankees, Warrantand Queensryche playing playing Rochester, I even remember the KROC Birthday Party where Duncan Sheik performed at Rookie's.

I remember meeting Jeremy Jordan, Keedy, Joey Lawrence and a bunch of others when they came to visit, but not play, in Rochester when I was The Lord of the Night. I also remember missing the chance to meet Curtis Stigers. All 90's artists...all huge at the time.

But All-4-One? I don't think they did, but Tracy says I was there, and somewhere there's a picture to prove it.

Do you remember seeing 'em perform in Rochester? Do you have pictures to prove it? Please, send 'em to me at: james.rabe@townsquaremedia.com

Now, how 'bout some of them sweet lovin' jams from All-4-One?


And as long as we're talking sweet love, how 'bout this love story. He lost his wedding ring and she's totally cool with it!

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