Some are saying the Arizona TV reporter is clumsy and ruined a beautiful ice sculpture. I say it's 100% faked. James Quinones is a weather guy with 12 News in Phoenix, and the other day he was doing a report and "accidentally" bumped and broke an ice sculpture giraffe.

Why am I making a fuss? Because instead of reporting news, they're faking stuff just to get it to viral. And that's like TRYING to be funny. Either you are or you aren't. Either your material catches on, or you're just up there faking it.

What are the signs it's a stunt? The "bump" was the most forced bump since I "accidentally" bumped Johnny the Neighbor Kid away from my bike and onto the ground. And the response from the anchors? It wasn't even middle school drama club level acting.

Bah! I say BAH!

It's a fluff piece, so maybe it doesn't matter? Well, if we won't accept it when they lie about the big stuff, I think we shouldn't accept it when they lie about the small stuff. If after school specials taught me anything, it's that if you get away with the small lies, it becomes easier to get away with the big lies.

Also...they faked it so unconvincingly! I might call 'em clever if it wasn't so obviously staged.

Of course, I could be wrong, but watch the video...I think you'll agree it may be one of the most poorly faked bits aired on TV.