Leave it to Mother Mayo to discover the latest diet fad. They are working with the FDA now, but here's how it works... 

Mayo Clinic entrance
Sue Moore/Townsquare Media

A new study at Mayo Clinic is discovering the potential for doctors to control hunger.

According to KIMT, the study didn't start off as an obesity study, but that's where it ended up when they discovered they could curb the hormone that causes addiction, including hunger.

As of now, they've been researching on mice, and in the study they found "the hormone blocker stopped the typical weight gain after a diet and prevented long-term rebound obesity."

Researchers are still determining if it will work in humans.

The principal investigator, Dr. Stephen Brimijoin tells KIMT "It's hard enough to diet. Everybody knows that it's hard to diet, but it's virtually impossible to stay on a diet unless you have a will of steel or been locked in jail."

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