I'm not a lawyer, and I don't know why the recording was made, but wouldn't you be upset if a conversation you had with someone else was recorded without your knowledge and posted on Facebook?

According to this report on KAAL, the Albert Lea school board was meeting during a tour off a district clinic. Board member Linda Laurie was one of those recorded...

Linda Laurie says she discovered it while on Facebook last week. Laurie says she was on a tour at a district clinic with the school board and having a private conversation with another mom about their kids. "The person was clearly close by me and did not say to me or Ashley that we were being recorded," Laurie said. “I was violated.”

Jill Marin is also on the board and said it was an open meeting so the recording isn't a violation, tho the board chair disagrees, saying it's a violation because they weren't conducting board  business.

Like I said above, I'm not a lawyer, and I'm not trying to stir the pot...I just plain old don't get why you'd want to record and post a private conversation if it had nothing to do with board business.

I can totally see why someone might want to record the business conducted (maybe the school system doesn't post recordings of the meetings or is late posting 'em, or whatever), but if you're recording the whole meeting, and a private part of it is included, edit it. Take the private part out.

As far as not telling anyone you're recording it...unless you're doing it in plain site (meaning, 'so everyone can see you're recording), why wouldn't you tell people you're recording the meeting?