Sometimes you see things and you have to do a bit of a double-take because you just aren't sure what's going on.  That is what happened to me on Sunday in downtown Rochester.  Maybe you've done a double-take too!

My family and I were returning books at the Rochester Public Library over the weekend and we saw these two guys riding bikes...which is something normal in downtown Rochester.  At first, we didn't think anything of it as they were cruising along, going back and forth along the road.  And then...we saw what the guys had with them while they were riding bikes.  My kids were loading the books into the drop-off area and my mouth was just hanging wide open.

Look at the picture.  Can you see what we saw?  I'll give you a hint, look at their heads and back.  If you can't see it...check out my Instagram page where it is posted (click here).

Guys in downtown Rochester - JW Townsquare Media Rochester
Guys in downtown Rochester - JW Townsquare Media Rochester

Rumor is that they have been seen walking around town too.  I've seen a few photos pop up on Instagram with the guys and "their friends" while they are walking, so if you believe what you see on social media, it must be true.

I didn't catch their names because they were gone by the time we were done at the library drop-off, but I'd love to meet them!  If you know who they are, let me know on my Facebook page or Instagram.

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