Have you ever followed a Rochester school bus?  The kids are pretty funny as they are obviously trying to get your attention...after all, they are kids.  A message that showed up on a bus recently wasn't done by the kids though and is a special note for everyone driving by.

There are a lot of jobs that I would do horribly at and driving a school bus is up on there on my list.  My friend though, she is an amazing person and I have been watching how fun her days are as she shares little bits of her day as a school bus driver.  The photo that she created a few days ago inspired me...and so I wanted it to inspire you.

"Believe" was written on a bus, between all the dirt and grime, and it just struck me how amazing this message was for the kids that walk by it every day, the teachers, and also everyone that drives by this bus.  My friend claims that "dirty finger" is the author but I know it is her.  ;)

Credit: "Dirty Finger" - Rochester, MN
Credit: "Dirty Finger" - Rochester, MN

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