(S)hero = A woman that is making our community a better place through the incredible work that she has done.  

You know immediately who this person is in your life.  It is the woman who inspires you right now, who is bringing a smile to your face and heart, and who is making a positive impact for others.  We want to celebrate and thank that person for being a (S)hero and nominations are now open!  (you can find the link below)

Here are a few (S)hero's in my life that might help you think about your own (S)hero:

  • The woman at the store that saw your purse left in the cart as you were leaving the store.  She flagged you down in the parking lot and returned it to you.
  • The mom who was already busy with her own kids but made sure to always include me on every playdate e-mail and text - it helped me feel connected when I had no family around.
  • The Public Health Nurse that checked on me after my first child was born.  It was part of her job and the resources were always available, but her passion to help me as a new mom is something that can't be found on a website or in a book.
  • The teacher who cried with me during conferences for my child.  The struggles that my child has had to overcome were only possible because of her caring spirit and passion to help kids.
  • The co-worker that has been my texting friend for 16+ years - sharing in my moments of joy and the moments that were my hardest in my professional career.
  • The woman that has a story and she has been willing to share hers with a group that I was in...where I learned that it was ok to have a little me-time for myself.

Nominate your (S)hero today and share why she is so important to you!

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