McDonald's giveth and McDonald’s taketh away.

For decades, the menu at McDonald’s has been a fairly stable presence in the lives of later night partygoers, busy families, and hungry folks on long car rides. From Big Macs to those signature golden fries, the Golden Arches menu is undoubtedly iconic as far as American fast-food fare goes. 

But what about all those discontinued McDonald’s menu items we’ve loved and lost over the years?

On Wednesday (Feb. 10), McDonald's announced that their Hi-C Orange Lavaburst beverage, which originally debuted in 1955, will make its grand return to all U.S. locations by summer 2021.

Fans have long begged the fast-food chain to bring the tangy Hi-C Orange Lavaburst back to its menu since its last appearance in 2017, and they finally got their wish—but what about all those other classic discontinued favorites?

Below, check out fifteen discontinued McDonald’s menu items we’re dying to taste again.

Discontinued McDonald's Menu Items

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