Rochester, MN (KROC-AM News) - The Rochester City Council will be presented Monday with some concept drawings and plans for the St. Mary’s Place district of the Destination Medical Center plan. The presentation will take place during the Council’s Committee of the Whole meeting as part of the ongoing implementation of the 20-year plan to transform Rochester into a world-class destination for people seeking healthcare.

The plans for St. Mary’s Place include the eventual reconstruction of 2nd Street Southwest and the construction of a pedestrian tunnel under the busy roadway in front of the entrance to St. Mary’s Hospital. It recommends widening the right-of-way on 2nd Street to 100 feet as future development allows and adding more frequent pedestrian crossings.

The concept plans also call for the creation of a plaza that would cover a half block of 12th Avenue to the south of 2nd Street, along with two courtyards on both sides of 2nd Street near the hospital entrance. There is also a gateway to the area planned near the 2nd street/Highway 52 interchange that would feature “large-scale” public art.

The estimated price tag of creating the public spaces in the St. Mary’s Place district is between $12 and $14.5 million, with about half of the cost tied to the reconstruction of 2nd Street.

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