Ever since the dawn of time, people have been entertaining their babies by singing.  I don't know what prompted us to think that would be a good solution to a crying baby, perhaps instinct, but as you can see, it really can make some children rather emotional. 

This video went viral a while back, even caught the eyes of Ellen, who asked the family and this emotional baby to be a guest on her talk show.  Of course the video captured the attention of many after it's presentation on Ellen.

This phenomenon is not specific to just one particular baby.  Babies are picky yall!  This one has a passion for the 'Itsy Bitsy Spider'.  The child does not appear to like any other popular songs.

There was a study done a while back on parents singing to their children.  The traditional lullabies are being ditched for chart-toppers to sing children to sleep.  I have done that, actually, when my daughter was a baby, I sang to her songs like Whitney Houston's version of 'I Will Always Love You'.

Toy manufacturer 'Symphony In B' released their research of 20,000 some people polled back in November.  They found, judging from the responses, that Bruno Mars- 'Just the Way' You Are & Adele's 'Someone Like You' are the most popular songs that are sung as lullabies.

Based upon my personal experience, babies like it when you sing to them.  It's not like the women in the videos above have horrible voices.   Now, if my own mom were to sing to me, I would probably cry.  As a matter of fact if she does, now, I will.   (She is not the best singer.)   But the mom's above do not sound bad! The babies do seem to be rather choosy, they must be born knowing what they like and what they don't.  However, put yourself in the babies' shoes.   What would you feel like if someone were in your face singing to you?  I am thinking it may be a little bit awkward. Have you ever thought how weird we must come off when we are talking all cooey and doing weird things like that?   You gotta wonder what the babies are thinking about!
In this one, a baby cries and the dog sings to calm the little one.   This baby likes it!

I may have to do some more research on this topic.   Babies are so much fun to watch, don't you agree?   These parents will one day have a celebration for their children's graduation, and instead of huge poster boards of embarrassing photos paraded around for everyone to see, perhaps they can have a collection of funny youtube and vine videos to display during the festivities.   I can see this being the wave of their future!  Ha!

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