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Wednesday morning was far from normal at the Kane household in St. Paul, Minnesota. Billy Kane had to become the role of midwife when his wife Allison went into labor and quickly delivered their baby girl.

Their baby girl, Sheila Maeve Kane, is Billy and Allison's third child. The couple spoke to KARE 11 about the crazy adventure. They told KARE 11 that with their first two Allison delivered them in the hospital, but she decided this time around she wanted to do a home birth. The pandemic helped make that decision.

They had a midwife all ready to go. Then on Wednesday, April 21st, Allison started having contractions. They figured they had a little bit of time so they waited to call the midwife. Well, 7:15 AM rolls around and they realize things are progressing quickly, so they call the midwife.

Fast forward a little to 7:50 AM and Allison's water breaks and she tells Billy "'I'm ready to push.'" That meant Billy had to act very quickly because the midwife wasn't there! He told KARE 11 he remembered thinking, "'We're on our own.'" Just 3 minutes later, at 7:53 AM their daughter Sheila is laying on Allison's chest.

I can't imagine how crazy all of that must have been! Both Billy and Allison must have remained so calm for this to work out the way it did. Billy said "'We were really fortunate that everything went right, we were able to do it and there were no complications.'" And of course, he applauds his wife for being so amazing: "'She did all the hard stuff, I just caught the baby.'"

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