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In Des Moines, Iowa, Calvin William Washington Jr was born a couple days ago to a mom who had no idea she was pregnant.

Gina Dobrient is a first time mom that didn't even make it into the doctor to ask about back pain because her water broke an d that was that, she realized she was pregnant! Here's what she said on Fox Carolina -

"I have had back problems in the past. I just thought I was having a lot of back problems...I was constantly moving around. I just thought it was unusual me not knowing that I was pregnant."

Born a healthy and happy, coming in at seven pounds one ounce, they're calling him CJ for short. Dad Cal Washington said, "This guy, this guy is a godsend for us."

When her water broke, they rushed to the hospital, but she had the baby right there in the car in front of the hospital!

The Coronavirus put a halt to plans to open a business, and not working is going to make it tough, but pop says he knows one of the first things he has to do, “I'm getting him a Green Bay packers jersey and a hat." (SOURCE)

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