The Centers for Disease Control starting with a warning to 31 states regarding Kellog's Honey Smacks cereal, but now it's a nationwide warning. The CDC recommends people do NOT eat Honey Smacks because it's been linked to a multi-state outbreak of salmonella! It started with a 31 state warning, and tho no reports have come in about Minnesota infections, the warning has been expanded to every state.

According to the CDC,

  • 73 people infected with the outbreak strain have been reported from 31 states.
  • 24 people have been hospitalized. No deaths have been reported.

The warning is for all sizes of Honey Smacks, no matter the dates or codes on the box. Just toss it out, or, return it and get a refund (from the places you bought it). A lot of families store cereal into a separate container, the CDC says you should,

Thoroughly wash the container with warm, soapy water before using it again to remove harmful germs that could contaminate other food.

I'm Mr. Super Gern Killer, so, after washing it,  I'd likely rinse it with some water and bleach (a capful in the container 1/2 filled with water should do it).

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