As we discussed in a blog last week, one of Rochester's Winter Rules is do not park overnight downtown when a snow clearing night has been announced. And that's tonight.

But, it's not EVERY street and avenue. Here's the info from the city...

City crews will be removing snow on Monday night into Tuesday morning and again on Tuesday night into Wednesday morning from the downtown area streets. The following streets will be posted by 1/28/19 at 11:00am for scheduled snow plowing between the hours of 12 AM and 8 AM on Tuesday, January 29, 2019 and Wednesday, January 30, 2019

No Parking Midnight until 8:00 AM 1/29/19 through 1/30/19 on the following streets:

  • 3rd Ave. West from 1st St. NW to 6th St. SW (one way northbound)
  • 4th Ave. West from 3rd St. NW to 5th St. SW (one way southbound)
  • 4th St. South from 2nd Ave. SE to 2nd Ave. SW & from 4th Ave. SW to 6th Ave. SW
  • 1st Ave. West from 5th St. NW south to End of Street by “YMCA”
  • 2nd Ave. SW from 3rd St. SW to 6th St. SW
  • 5th St. SW from 1st Ave. SW to 4th Ave. SW
  • 6th St. SW from 1st Ave. SW to 2nd Ave. SW
  • Broadway from 2nd St. South to 6th St. South
  • Center St. from 6th Ave. West to East to end of Bridge over Zumbro River
  • 1st St. NE from Broadway to Civic Center Dr
  • 2nd St. South from Civic Center Dr. to 1 Ave SW & from 3rd Ave. SW to 4th Ave. SW
  • 2nd St. SW from 7 Ave SW to 13th Ave. SW
  • 1st St. SW from 4th Ave. SW to 6th Ave. SW
  • 1st St. SE from Broadway to Civic Center Dr. SE
  • 1st Ave. East from 2nd St. SE to 2nd St. NE
  • 2nd Ave. NW from 2nd St. NW to 4th St. NW
  • 3rd St. NW from 3rd Ave. NW to Broadway
  • 2nd St. North from 1st Ave. NE to 4th Ave. NW
  • 1st St. NW from 3rd Ave. NW to 6th Ave. NW
  • 5th Ave. NW from 1st St. NW to 2nd St. NW
  • 6th Ave NW from 2 St NW to 1 St SW

If you leave your car on the street, they'll ticket it...and they'll tow it. Not everyone's been towed, but, honestly, digging your car out from the massive amount of snow the plow will pile around your car will make you wish you could just pay all the fees and get your car back.

If your car is gone tomorrow morning, call the law enforcement center.

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