Wedding coordinators and clergy seem to agree on one thing. There are some things that happen at weddings that are bad signs for the bride and groom. I know, there are no guarantees, but if you saw as many marriages and divorces as these folks, you'd start seeing patterns, right? One of the biggies is something I've never ever liked.


Smashing Cake In Each Other's Faces - It used to be the groom would smash a loaf of bread over the bride's head. Somehow that turned into wedding cakes, so really, the cake-face-smash isn't new. But watch how its done, and it could be a big warning sign. One pastor said if the couple is feeding each other, that's a nice symbol of unity. But, if they're smashing each other in the face with the cake, look out. Revenge, pride, and contempt could be wrapped up in there. And to me, that makes sense.

Sure, they're not thinking, "HA! I'm going to get revenge on you for not letting me pick the color of the vests!", but experience tells the experts, if that's the way they communicate their unhappiness/anger/whatever on a super happy day, then how will they do it when things get tough?

How 'bout you? Did you smash cake in each other's faces? Did the marriage last?

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