Did you know there are curfew times set all over Olmsted County? It's true...and you wanna know 'em because they are enforced. Here's a handy chart you can print off and put on the fridge.


A question I hear a lot...are 16 year olds over or under 16?

Yes all curfew ordinances are enforced for those under the age indicated. So for instance and this is extreme 15 years and 364 days is under and the next day on their 16th birthday it is considered 16 and over.

So there you go.

Did you have to worry about a city curfew? Everywhere I've lived the city curfew was 10PM, but it wasn't enforced unless you were caught being a dough-head.

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As a young kid, the streetlights enforced my mom's curfew...and her whistle. She never called our names, she had a special bird call she used instead. Was impossible to NOT hear, even three or four blocks away.

My mother and father never set a curfew for me, a benefit of being the Golden Child. I didn't get the same rules as the other five kids. BUT, that doesn't mean they didn't expect me to use my common sense. They just had an unusual way of dealing with it.

If I came home really late, they made me get up reallllly early and do chores. Dull, sweaty, stupid chores. Like moving the wood from one side of the big wood box to the other (So it's tidy, right?). Or sweeping out the attic crawl space. Which meant I had to empty all of it into the hallway, sweep, and put it all back.


The thing is...it was a real crawl space in the eaves of the house. I had to be bent over the entire time. And breathing in the dust. It was a very effective punishment.

Or it would have been, if they'd told me what they were doing! I didn't connect the chores to being out late until after I graduated from high school!

That's my mom and dad in the pic up there...the ones sitting down (i'm not in the picture). 

Wait...there as one time my dad talked to me about being out late. After a formal, I was out with my girlfriend until 3 AM. The next morning at breakfast, it was my mom, dad, and me. And my dad, after his eggs, but before coffee, he said...

James, it's not good to stay out so late. Especially when you're with a girlfriend. You are responsible her physical safety and the safety of her reputation. It doesn't matter what you really did, everyone will think you and she were having sex. Don't do it again.

After 5 other kids, he had it down solid. Also, that was it. All he ever said about it. I listened.

Mom and dad were VERY big on being careful about reputations. Not the "worry about the neighbors" stuff. They didn't give a crap in that department. They mean honesty, respect, that sort of thing.

How 'bout you? Any good curfew breaking stories?

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