This is a big deal. Which one is right...underduck or underdog?

I heard some people arguing about it at Taste of the Town last night.

Wait...wait...when you push a swing and then run under it you call it what?

-- Underdog. What else would you call it?

Ummm...underduck! You know, exactly what you're doing when you duck under the swing.

-- It's underdog...everyone says underdog.

Who calls it underdog? It's underduck!

-- Literally EVERYONE calls it underdog!

And it went on...and on. I wanted to jump in and tell 'em I've never heard that game called underdog...just underduck, but, it was Taste of the Town and I had food to eat, so the food I ate. All the foods.

Today I put it up on our Facebook page and Holy Mother of Pearl!  SO many people said it was underdog!

I got in touch with Erik Hatch, renowned real estate mogul, and colloquialism buff, to see if this has crossed his path and he says,

Every dog has its day - but that day is NOT today. If you are to push someone on a swing - and the pusher then runs underneath (ducking while going under), that is called an underDUCK.

I've surveyed literally thousands of people - and the majority of the world has it wrong. After countless research through the last 17 years, I have concluded that an underDOG is someone who is a competitor with a minuscule chance of winning - where an underDUCK involves running under a person on a swing and ducking.

I don't want to be accused of only giving one side of the story, so, I asked Maude Bowles, critically acclaimed artist and cabaret singer, to chime in. As you probably know from her regular appearances on TV, she's something of a language buff also.

"Underduck? Don't be fatuous, James. I've studied this inch by inch, step by step, mile by mile. Man by man's underdog."

And then I realized, I couldn't solve this without going to the source material. After careful study, I realized it HAS to be "underduck." Watch this and see if you notice something...odd.

No swing, no swingset...not even a child hoisted on high did Underdog go under.

I'm certain the conversation will rage on, perhaps one day an agreement may emerge from the two factions. But, until then, I'll stick with underduck.

Follow the Facebook thread...there are some great comments!

Well? I say underDUCK because...well, you're DUCKING under. But last night someone at Taste of the Town tried to convince his friends it was underDOG. Who says that? (James)

Posted by Y-105FM on Monday, March 7, 2016