Who remembers this drive-in theater?  All I know is that it's called the Starlite North Drive-In and that it was on Highway 14 & Highway 52.

I just moved here from an Idaho town that had, until last year, TWO operating drive-in theaters! People there LOVED it. It's a part of our past that really kicks the nostalgia button hard.

My hometown had a drive in, I think it was even called  "The Starlight". It's where I first saw Star-Wars and The Breakfast Club (saw Breakfast Club AND had my first real kiss, too!). My hometown drive-in also did "festivals"...so one weekend it was all the monster movies, then another weekend it was slasher flicks. Good stuff!

We heard about people that would add people to the trunk to get even more people in, but I didn't know anyone that did that. But I knew plenty of people that never bought concessions. They'd pop a pile of pop-corn at home, throw it in a paper sck from the Red Owl and pack a few Faygos.

Sadly, VCR's and LAZER discs made it easy to stay home. And if they hadn't killed drive ins, Netflix sure would have.