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A lot of people nationwide love Uber! This guy from business insider is pretty firm in his reasons for loving Uber...

I'm not saying all taxi drivers are awful. I've had some really great taxi drivers. But it is not a generalization to say that really bad taxi experiences are too common to be ignored. If service at Starbucks was as routinely disappointing as service from taxis, Starbucks would have gone out of business long ago.

But not everyone likes Uber. Some say Uber drivers can be predators because there's no system set up to make sure they're not evil people.

East Lansing police announced in late February that they were investigating two ride-booking drivers who in both cases allegedly made unwelcome sexual advances toward female Michigan State University students. The women complained of inappropriate touching, Lt. Scott Wriggelsworth said. Uber has been notified of both arrests, police said.



Other people are opposed to Uber because they say it's dangerous not fair. According to KTTC, Michael Kleiber, a cab driver since 2004, hopes to get enough signatures with his online petition to ban Uber in Rochester.

“Sometimes, citizens of the City of Rochester will call in to the company and say a cab driver is doing this, a cab driver is doing that, and we reprimand that cab driver and we put an end to it right away. Now, try to call an Uber office. There is no phone number. At all. That's kind of an alarming thing in itself, I think,” added Kleiber.

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