Heinz, usually a purveyor of fine foods and ketchup, have entered a very dangerous realm. One where failure may be closer at hand than they know. Behold, their latest entry in the condiment marketplace.

Dear Heinz MayoChup -

Welcome to our store shelves. Welcome to a nation that loves it condiments. Now...get out." That's what most Rochester people said when asked what they thought of the idea of mixing Heinz mayo and Heinz ketchup for MayoChup. But they're not saying to be mean to you, MayoChup, they're saying it because you just aren't needed 'round here.

You see, a long time ago, in Utah, mayo and ketchup were first blended. Some people added spices, or relish, but the basic mayo/ketchup was the most important feature. From Wiki...

Fry sauce was originally popularized in the United States by a chef named Don Carlos Edwards, who served it in his first restaurant, Don Carlos’ Barbecue in Salt Lake City, which eventually became the Utah-based restaurant chain Arctic Circle in the 1950s.[1] The chain still serves fry sauce in its western United States restaurants.[2]

Are you wanted in Rochester, MayoChup? According to the information below, Rochester folks can already buy different brands of Fry Sauce at HyVee. More importantly, they prefer to mix their own, to guarantee the perfect proportions.

So, go one, MayoChup...pack up your stuff and go. And tell your boss KetchAyo or  MayUp would be better names.

Much Love -

James Rabe
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