I surveyed the Y-105FM listeners and found out a LOT of guys do pretty gross stuff in the shower. So I did some research (Also known as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and FINALLY searched Google), and found out...they do this stuff everywhere!

plastic bath puff and sponge for shower cleaning

Now, in the interest of full disclosure, I am a guy. And there's one thing on this list I've been known to do. So, just wanted to get that out of the way. It's not the grossest thing on the list, tho. Ick. I would NEVER do the grossest thing on the list. ((shudder)) 

I think these #'s would hold true for men AND women, with the exception of the last one (about 4% of women do this horrible thing, which is why I am singling out men). So, what are men doing when we're in the shower? According to the Daily Mail,

  • 83% of men pee in the shower.
  • 50% treating their body like an amusement park.
  • 20% sometimes only wash their "important parts" and not their entire body.
  • 40% brush their teeth in the shower!

Peeing in the shower? Not so gross, and something I do now and then. Also, it goes down the train. AND it's sterile. So, there's that.

Changing your own oil in the shower? Not my cup o'Jack Daniels on the rocks, but if you have the time and patience, yay?

Only washing your important parts? That's just smart showering and skin care. Only a few parts of us get stinky, and if we're going to shower every day, just wash those parts. Once a week to do the rest. It is SO much better for your skin.

Two toothbrushes in the glass.
Alexey Bykov

Brushing your teeth in the shower? ARE YOU MAD!?!? When is the last time you cleaned your shower-head? ((shudder)) Plus, unless you live alone, everyone in the house is now showering with your foamy mouth residue. ((shudder x 2)). I'm sure there's another side to this, but NO! Whatever that side says it is wrong. Where do you store the brush? In the shower, with all the dirty soap flying up and landing on it? ((shudder x3)) If you keep it hidden away from the shower (and the terlet, so poop doesn't fly up and land on it when it's flushed -- shudder x4!), I can probably keep from wretching.

Seriously. Gross.

OH! Super Cool Thing I Learned While Researching This Story - when you're done brushing your teeth, spit, but don't rinse. According to this article, go ahead and use enough water to clean off your tongue, but leaving the fluoride on your teeth isn't a bad thing.

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