Winter can be tough on your pets, especially your pet dog. Keeping your pet active in the winter months can not only put a strain on you by going out on slippery roads/sidewalks but for your dog too! The sand and salt that is put down on our roads and sidewalks to make them easier to navigate for us people have a negative effect on your dog's feet.

The sand and salt can cause your dog to get cracked and damaged paws, which sometimes can result in a trip to the veterinarian or cause you to hang up the leash for a period of time while they heal. The solution people have come up with to keep there dogs active outdoors, dog boots.

TSM/Paul Shea
TSM/Paul Shea

My dog hate's his boots. He'd rather sit inside than have to have boots placed on his paws. And even after I get them on, he flails his paws around as he walks in an effort to kick them off. If you look closely you can see our cats laughing at him.

It's funny to watch him initially walk, but at the same time, I am trying to protect my four-legged pal from injury. It might look dumb, and he may get laughed at for having them on, but after a few minutes in them, he's ready to get going outdoors. I'd rather have an ashamed dog, than a vet bill any day of the week.

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