Summer vacation begins and your kids are so excited! So are you, such big plans, so many ideas, it's going to be the best summer yet! You've figured out how you'll handle too much screen time, the cases of "I'm borrrrred!", and everything else.

And then...13 days in, you've had it. Up to HERE. In less than two weeks, you're out of ideas, patience, and wine. What do you do?


First, you're not alone (and no one expects you to leap tall buildings in a single bound, except Susan, but have you EVER liked Susan?). A new study (here) says the average parent goes thru exactly the same thing. Why? The biggest reason is you feel huge pressure to keep the kids entertained. But a lot of parenting experts say you're stressing yourself out of giving your kids the chance to learn to entertain themselves. (source)

Sure you don't want them staring at screens all the time, but your parents didn't want you staring at a screen the whole summer, either. What did your mom do? What did your dad do? Found some big things to do here and there, and set limits. Not easy, but doable.

For instance, a big thing could be the Rochesterfest Parade on Saturday. Of just taking 'em to Soldiers Field and letting 'em run around having a blast in a new space while you check out the arts and crafts, the entertainment, the food (THE FOOD!), the sports stuff, the beer tent, whatever. There are SO many Rochesterfest events your kids will love!

OH, and during the parade, please, do not let your kids run into the street to get candy, it scares the horses. And James.


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