Want to get pregnant? Then ignore this advice about your birth control pills. It's advice I found while scrolling thru the Mayo Clinic's Twitter feed. I know that heat can mess with medicine...but it never occurred to me it'd make your BCP's ineffective, which could very well bring about a pregnancy when you're not ready for it.

If you're curious about the pill causing health problems, taking the pill while you're pregnant, or anything else, Mayo covers it HERE.


I don't know what kinda plants will cause a rash...or what those rashes are, BUT, Mayo Clinic does. Save this link so you'll know what kind of rash comes from what kinda plant (so you'll know how to treat it). The article covers,

  • Ragweed
  • Wild Parsnip
  • Heat Rash (miliaria)
  • Polymorphous Light Eruption
  • Swimmer's Itch
  • Chigger Bites
  • Lyme Disease

And finally, can you get cancer from sunglasses? No. but they could make it a lot easier for cancer to get you! There are certain kinds of sunglasses you want to buy for you and for your kids. You'll want to buy sunglasses that say, specifically,

  • Broad Spectrum Coverage
  • UVA and UVB Ray Protection

Check out the video for more about choosing the right sunglasses.

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