My friend Maria, back in Idaho, posted an impassioned plea to parents about kids and deodorant that is a must read. She spends most of her days in that aisle of a Ridley's store, a grocery store with a pharmacy, and what she sees breaks her heart. 

Today's guest blogger is Maria Feroce...

This is my plea for the day. PLEASE PARENTS! If you have preteen/teens, or your children will one day be a preteen, I understand that you are busy, but if your child asks you an opinion of the razors, deodorant, or body spray, PLEASE take the time to answer. I know you really don't care what your sons armpits smell like (as long as they no longer smell like BO) and I know that what your daughter uses to shave her legs makes no difference to you (as long as they don't cost a small fortune) BUT, they are asking for guidance. They are letting you in. They are still at an impressionable age when they are counting on you to have their backs, teach them what they don't yet know, and if that means taking 10 mins out of your day to sniff 35 different Axe body sprays (all of which smell the same) PLEASE do it! It might be the last time they even care what your opinion is.

Another Facebook friend asked her what brought this on...

I spend most of my day down the aisle that has these items in it, and at least every other day, I witness these interactions. To see the look on the kids faces after their mom has dismissed them is heartbreaking and I just reached my limit yesterday.

I'm not a parent, but this sounds like really solid advice, and it follows something I'm trying very hard to do these days.

Be present.

In your life and in the world around you. Hear what your body is telling you. Hear what your family and friends are saying.  So often a question or a statement is so much more than just that question, and if you're focused on something else, you might miss a chance to really give of yourself.

And so many times, just being present is all someone needs.