In Akron, Ohio, the public schools warned parents this week saying a drone was reported trying to lure kids to a place three blocks from school. Could this, or has this, happened in Rochester? Is it even illegal?

The Washington Post reported...

Daniel Rambler, Akron Public Schools director of student support services and security, told WKYC the drone “was trying to interact with” the children “to see if they would meet them at a dollar store which is about three blocks away from where the school is.”

One couple told the Akron Beacon Journal they heard their 13-year-old son speaking with the device. “It keeps saying ‘hey’ until you reply,” the teen said. Another student reportedly followed the drone to the Dollar Tree before his father intervened.

No official complaints have been called into the Akron Police.

I know what you're thinking. "What about Rochester?"

We reached out to the Rochester Police Department, and Lt Mike Sadauskis says there have been no reports of anything like that in the city.

That's good news...but the frightening part he isn't sure if the person involved in the story actually broke any laws. "It would have to be proven there was criminal intent." But he adds, "If we had a call like this, we would investigate."


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